Beef Sales


Grass-Fed Angus Beef from High Meadows Farm

“Natural Beef” is from animals that have received no antibiotics in their feed and have no growth implants. Our young beef are raised to about 450 pounds on grass fields with their mothers. At about eight months old they are weaned and put into grass, clover, or millet fields where they graze “free range” as they are rotated from pasture to pasture.
The beef from these young free-range animals is generally leaner than the USDA grade “Choice” in the Supermarket. Because the animals are younger and smaller in size than 1200 pound industrial steers, cuts like steaks are also smaller (same thickness but smaller “area” or diameter). Fat in forage fed animals is higher in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. The flavor of forage fed beef is like the idea of “terroir” in wine (the flavor of the earth) – in this case, the flavor of the beautiful Loudoun Valley on the Western slope of the Bull Run Mountains. Many people like it better than the exclusively grain fed taste of industrial beef which is uniform and bland.
We estimate a price of $7.00 per pound for a whole young beef, $7.25 per pound for a half or side, and $7.75 for a quarter (half of a half) beef for the cut weight (not the hanging weight). This is our price estimate for the beef you take home. This price is for all “cuts” — T-bone steaks, rib steaks, roasts, hamburger, organs etc — and includes all slaughter and processing costs.
Customers may order a whole, half, or quarter. On their own, some customers have “cow pooled” and bought a whole or a half beef with friends and neighbors and divided it among themselves.
We slaughter and process at Gore Custom Meats in Stephens City, Virginia. They will age the beef and cut, package, and freeze the meat, and you can pick up there. Gore Custom Meats provides vacuum packaging as a standard service. You need to bring your own boxes when you pick up the cut and packaged beef.
To keep expenses down, we use a program where you buy the live animal from High Meadows Farm and pay Gore Custom Meats to slaughter and package it in your name. Here is how is works: You will receive two bills. One from us for the on-the-hoof or “live” weight price. (We interpolate the live weight based on a standard formula that live weight is certain percentage times the “dress” or “hanging”weight. “Dress weight” is the weight of the carcass after the hide, head, guts, etc have been removed and the carcass is hot (before dry aging). The other bill is from Gore Custom Meats for slaughter, dressing, cutting and packaging. Their charge is .65/pound



For ordering information, please email or call 540.687.4197