my helpers

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beautiful spring day, cows are looking happy

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next steps

so farmgr decided to move back to maine. at first, i was worried about not having him helping with things. but I’ve realized that i think i can make it work without him. our no. 2 guys has worked for me for five years and is pretty well versed in things. i have also […]

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well, the verdict is in and while im of course biased, i have to say the beef wellington was delicious. given that the tenderloin should be good, to me the true test was the beef stew i made for dinner christmas eve. the stew meat, which comes from the lesser parts of the steer, […]

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first tasting

today, we picked up the meat from our butcher from our first grass fed steer born and raised on grass entirely at high meadows farm. can’t wait to taste it – we’re having beef wellington for christmas dinner! before we sell any of our cows we want to eat our own beef to make […]

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fall hay cutting in full swing

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a good friend recently gave me a wonderful book that has coalesced a number of my thoughts regarding our cattle farm. first and foremost, that cattle farming is really about grass farming. in the book, the butcher’s guide to well-raised meat, the author/butcher visits a number of livestock farms and reviews what he is looking […]

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the next thing we looked at was our forest. we have plenty of timber on our farm. why not use some of it to sell firewood? the winter time is downtime on the farm anyway with most production shut down. we already had a log splitter. certainly there is demand for firewood and its […]

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